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National Park

From $54.000 6 HS Bus
National Park + Tren del Fin del Mundo
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Lagos Off Road

From $115.000 8 HS 4x4
4x4 travel to Escondido and Fagnano Lakes
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Beagle Channel Navigation

From $50.100 3 ½ HS Catamaran
Lobos Island navegation, lighthouse and trekking.
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Emerald Lagoon Trek

From $123.500 7 HS Bus
Trekking to Emerald Lagoon.
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Cabo San Pablo + Estancia Pirinaica

From $130.000 12 HS Bus
Cabo San Pablo, Estancia Pirinaica and lunch.
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Puerto Almanza + Centolla Route

From $160.000 8 HS Bus
Visit to Puerto Almanza y King Crab route.
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Excursions in El Calafate, El Chaltén, Torres del Paine and Ushuaia.

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About the city

Traveling to Ushuaia is something every traveler should do at least once in their life. Not just because it’s the End of the World city but for his character. It is the only Argentine city on the other side of the Andes, the southernmost city on the planet, and the starting point for journeys to the white continent.

Despite being small, the natural surroundings and its geographical location allow it to offer an infinity of alternatives. From family strolls to boat trips, adventure excursions, and extreme sports.

It is the second most populous city on the Big Island of Tierra del Fuego and the eighth in Argentine Patagonia. In another notable aspect, it is the third least populated provincial capital in the country, after Rawson and Viedma.

The climate is highly changing, both due to seasonal variations and those that occur within the same day. Because of its location, the amount of sunlight varies widely depending on the season: in summer, sunlight persists for more than seventeen hours a day, while in winter, natural light only lasts for approximately seven hours.

Among other curiosities, the prison in the penitentiary had the southernmost railway line in the world, wich transported inmates from the penitentiary to the work camps located in what is now Tierra del Fuego National Park. Currently, this railway line has been reactivated primarily for tourism purposes.

Recommendations for planning your trip to Ushuaia

  • Book in advance. Tours have a capacity limit. It is recommended to make reservations early to secure your spot and arrive to the city with a planned itinerary.
  • Bring suitable clothing: warm, comfortable, and waterproof. Footwear for trekking or waterproof shoes. The key is to stay warm and comfortable for long walks.
  • Months of July-August and January-February are the season peak.
  • Staying in centrally located hotels is the best alternative to enjoy the city.
  • Drinking plenty of water is essential to prevent dehydration during activities.
  • Be eco friendly. Nature is not designed to absorb our waste, so it’s best to bring them back in a bag or dispose them in the nearest appropriate container.