Emerald Lagoon Trek

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Emerald Lagoon Trek is a tour to the lagoon located in the heart of the Andes mountain range. Its geographic setting invites us to take a moment, rest on its shores, and admire nature at every step.

The trek to Emerald Lagoon begins 18 kilometers from Ushuaia on National Route No. 3. It is highly recommended if you are visiting for a few days and want to explore an emblematic place in Ushuaia.

We depart from the hotel by minibus on land (20 km) to Tierra Mayor Valley. If necessary, we will equip ourselves with crampons or snowshoes to start the trekking. During this journey, we traverse vast snow-covered valleys, frozen streams, and century old forests of lengas and coihues.

The total walking distance is about 9 kilometers, while the total distance with ground transportation is around 40 kilometers. We start from an elevation of 259 meters above sea level, and Emerald Lagoon is located at 450 meters above sea level, resulting in an elevation gain of 200 meters.

El sendero es de dificultad media. Atraviesa el bosque de lenga, un turbal y luego asciende para llegar a la laguna de deshielo. Ideal para quienes quieren disfrutar de la naturaleza sin aventurarse en largas caminatas.

The trail is of moderate difficulty, crossing the lenga forest, a peat bog, and then ascending to reach the ice melting lagoon. Ideal for those who want to enjoy nature without embarking on long hikes.

Lunch Menu:
Sandwich, alfajor (traditional sweet treat), fruit, cereal bar, and water.


  • Duration: 7 hours.
  • Difficulty level: Medium/high. not allowed for pregnant women, individuals with heart, respiratory, or circulatory issues, knee or spine problems, and overweight individuals.
  • Age: From 10 years old.
  • Required clothing: Appropriate trekking shoes, waterproof jacket, warm clothing, an extra pair of socks.
  • Includes: Crampons, snowshoes, trekking poles. Transfers, bilingual guide, packed meal.

Emerald Lagoon Trek tour


Emerald Lagoon Trek

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Trekking to Emerald Lagoon.


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