Cabo San Pablo + Estancia Pirinaica

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With the Cabo San Pablo + Estancia Pirinaica tour, we will take you through time along the Estancias Route to finally encounter a relic: the stranded ship “Desdémona”.

At the beginning, we will pick you up from your hotels and then take National Route N° 3 bordering Lake Fagnano. We will continue our journey to intersect with access to complementary Route “A”. We will travel more than 40 km towards the sea to reach Cabo San Pablo. During this journey, you will witness incredible landscapes, lenga forests, rivers, and cliffs that reach the sea, where you will also encounter guanacos, foxes, flocks of sheep, and condors.

First, we will stop at Cabo Ladrillero, where we will have our countryside snack along the Ladrillero River. We can contemplate the landscape with enormous stones of a particular geoform that will surprise us. After the snack and our walk, we will head to the next attraction, the San Pablo Lighthouse.

We will reach the top of the cape through a trail where the old lighthouse is inclined, and in front of its shores, the ship “Desdémona” stranded there in the early 1980s, a faithful example of shipwrecks and adventures that took center stage in the fierce southern seas.

Next, we will head to the “Casa del Pescador” to delight ourselves with the best recipes of sea bass, fresh local fish, cooked with much love by the hands of fishing families. We can taste delicious smoked sea bass empanadas or seafood empanadas, a house specialty, as well as sea bass pizza, unique at the end of the world.

After lunch, we will go to visit the Desdémona ship, an icon of the region. Another of the main attractions is the estancias located on Complementary Route A. We will also visit the Pirinaica Estancia, which has admirable facilities and almost 100 years of Patagonian production. We can learn about country life, shearing, and its sheds, woodworking workspaces, the estancia’s main building, as well as the forest and surroundings that the estancia has.

After this captivating day, we will start the return to Ushuaia, where we estimate arriving around 7:00 PM.

08:45 AM – Departure from Ushuaia.
10:00 AM – Stop in Tolhuin for the use of restrooms.
11:30 AM – Breakfast (Countryside Snack) at Estancia Pirinaica.
12:30 PM – Hike to Faro San Pablo.
01:30 PM – Lunch at La Casa del Pescador.
02:45 PM – Visit to Desdémona (Depending on the tide conditions, the activity order might be reversed; first visit to Desdémona, then lunch, and later a hike to Faro San Pablo).
05:00 PM – Return to Ushuaia.
07:00 PM – Arrival in Ushuaia.

Menu at La Casa del Pescador:

Menu 1: Smoked sea bass empanadas, sea bass pizza, Homemade flan with farm-fresh eggs or fruit salad, water or soda. Menu 2: Meat or seafood empanadas, sirloin steak, Homemade flan with farm-fresh eggs or fruit salad, water or soda.

*Vegetarian options are also available.


  • Duration: 12 hours.
  • Difficulty Level: Easy.
  • Age: Suitable for all ages.
  • Recommendations: Wear appropriate trekking shoes, waterproof jacket, warm clothing.
  • Includes: Transfers, bilingual guide. Breakfast + Guided visit to Estancia Pirinaica + Lunch at La Casa del Pescador + Visit to Desdémona and Faro.


Cabo San Pablo + Estancia Pirinaica

Cabo San Pablo, Estancia Pirinaica and lunch.


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