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Trekking Laguna Turquesa and Monte Carbajal is a full-day tour that traverses one of the most beautiful and less-visited places in Ushuaia.

Cerro Carbajal is located about 14 km north of Ushuaia on National Route No. 3. Its height is 950 m with spectacular views of the valley of the same name, Tierra Mayor valley, and the surrounding peaks. The name of this hill, as well as the valley seen from it, was imposed by Lucas Bridges in memory of the Salesian “Lino Carbajal,” a naturalist and explorer of Patagonia.

It begins from the hotel with a short transfer to Tierra Mayor Valley, where an intense hike starts, rewarding with the marvelous color of a glacially formed lagoon before reaching a summit with a privileged view.

The first part of the hike has a slope with a marked inclination, where the centuries-old lenga trees of the subantarctic Fuegian forest accompany the walker. After 45 or 60 minutes of demanding hiking, the forest is left behind, and from the top, incredible views begin to be enjoyed.

In the Laguna Turquesa trekking, in addition to the small lagoon, you continue gaining altitude along a rocky ridge, reaching the summit of Mount Carbajal. From there, you can see the imprint of the glacier’s path, which during the last glaciations descended towards the Beagle Channel, crossing the Tierra Mayor and Carbajal valleys, shaping this landscape.


  • Duration: 7 hours.
  • Difficulty level: Medium.
  • Age: From 12 years old.
  • Recommendations: Waterproof footwear suitable for trekking, waterproof jacket, warm clothing.
  • Includes: Transfer to the hotel at the end of the excursion, bilingual guide, snack with a drink.

Laguna Turquesa Trekking tour


Laguna Turquesa Trekking

Trekking to Laguna Turquesa


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