Cerro Pelado Trek

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Cerro Pelado Trek is a trekking tour that reaches a viewpoint over 800 meters above Ushuaia, ideal for those who love heights. At the summit of this hill, it’s possible to enjoy a 360-degree spectacle and see Mounts Olivia and Cinco Hermanos, the Carbajal and Andorra valleys, the Beagle Channel, the Murray Pass, the Navarino and Hoste islands, and the best view of Ushuaia.

The trail opens under the guidance of the guide, who will uncover an attractive and difficult-to-find path, less traveled. It lasts approximately 3 hours uphill through the forest, which presents fallen trees and other obstacles that make it entertaining and challenging.
Upon reaching the tree line, without the shelter of the trees, you will enjoy an unrestricted high-altitude view.

The Trekking Cerro Pelado experience is the reward offered by a demanding hike along a poorly marked trail that requires good physical fitness due to its steep slope.

Lunch Menu:
Sandwich, alfajor (traditional South American sweet treat), fruit, cereal bar, and water.


  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Difficulty level: Medium/High. Not permitted for pregnant women, individuals with heart, respiratory, or circulatory problems, knee or back issues, overweight.
  • Age: From 10 years old.
  • Required Clothing: Appropriate trekking shoes, waterproof jacket, warm clothing, extra pair of socks.
  • Includes: Transfers, trekking pole, bilingual guide, packed meal.


Cerro Pelado Trek

Half-day experience on the snow


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